We give you some tips on how to get money back in Grand Theft Auto V so that you never go short of ‘billetazos’.


We all know that Grand Theft Auto V is very important to know how to control each vehicle, having a good aim, keep the trio of active characters and how each of their specialties, enjoy all secondary activities and, why not know some another little trick useful for those times when things get difficult, but this delivers more than ever the money is especially important and virtually everything revolves around him. We not always have the wallet fills all we would like, but here we bring you some tips that we hope will help you go a little more than enough.

In GTA V there are several ways to become a millionaire or at least get a good mattress ‘for what might happen’. Almost all the activities we have named before, with their own missions in the game, can pose obtain money one way or another, but if we manage to dominate the stock market have gained a good part.

The bag

The bosla in Grand Theft Auto 5 is divided into two different markets: BASWAQ and LCN . Although in essence both are the same, the truth is that there is a great difference between one and another, especially as to why they govern to raise or lower their values.

  • BASWAQ : works through the actions of players around the world in their games, as this market is linked to the Social Club of Rockstar (ie, if we are not connected to the Internet, will not have access to it). Depending on the style of play of each player, whether they buy many weapons or engage in other types of activities, the bag will react accordingly, so it would be interesting, before throwing ourselves like crazy to invest our money, study a few days trends.
  • LCN : This market is governed solely by our actions in our game ‘single player’, regardless of the events taking place in the Rockstar Social Club through campaigns of other players. Especially will suffer major changes in assassination missions to instruct us Lester , so, considering who we kill, we can get an idea of how to influence the bag to act properly.

There is no exact formula to know what to invest at all times and when to sell, but knowing these secure data that will be easier to know how to interpret patterns tobecome genuine ‘brokers’. Even so, and after every Lester murder mission, we recommend investing in the following values:

  • Murder in the hotel – BetaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
  • Multiple murder – Debonaire (LCN)
  • The Vice Murder – Fruit (BAWSAQ)
  • Murder on the bus – do not invirtáis nothing
  • Murder construction – GoldCoast (LCN)

Other methods to get rich

Obviously the bag is not the only way to get ‘screams’ dollars in Grand Theft Auto V, and is that as expected there are more fun ways, but sometimes also riskier for our health. Throughout our departure we can resort to the activities and side missions to get all that ‘pasture’ that both crave.

  • Robberies shops or armored vehicles : be a good ways to get free money on GTA 5, but as you know also involve taking a risk that either leads to jail or to the nearest hospital.
  • Acquire a business : another way to profit from a business , but this time, rather than rob him , we’ll buy it legally. Their initial outlay is very large, but in the long run we will be able to recover the investment and start making money ‘by the side’.
  • Racing : if you are of those who have mastered the art of driving, this can be a very simple way to earn money, and fun. The pity is that we will not always have races at our disposal.
  • Random events : in this case, to get the maximum benefit, we will be ‘the bad guy’. After having helped (in cases of robbery or similar events) the victim we have only to go out on his feet with his money instead of going to return it or, directly, kill him to keep all his tickets. Hey, no one said that to get rich, you did not have to get your hands dirty.
  • Crazy and strange : these characters and their secondary missions may also report to us a good profit with ‘jam’ missions in most occasions.

All these are good methods to make money quickly. Of course, we also have the option of completing the main missions of the game, but in our ‘free time’ we can take into account these alternatives, as good as any other.