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The new Supercell game,  Brawl Stars , looks like a mobile hit. If you have managed to  play in advance in France , here are the tricks to win the victory!


– There are two ways to play in  Brawl Stars . You can tap on the screen  to steer your character and slide your finger in the direction you want to shoot .

– The second method will make you use a virtual joystick. To attack, you just have to tap the screen where you want to shoot. Find the right method for you and do not change it anymore .

Team game :

– Most Brawl Stars modes make you play in 3v3 . In these modes you will have to play as a team to control your opponents effectively.

– A good method to control an objective or an opponent is to encircle it at 2 . Even if you do not communicate, if you see one of your allies taking a side game, quickly move to the other side to quickly eliminate it. Do not chase your opponents:

– If one of your enemies retreats, avoid running after him. His allies could be hidden in the grass around and ambush you. Although life regenerates on its own after a few seconds , it will be better to repeat the assault of 0 rather than venture alone too far.

Keep your advantage:

– In 3v3 modes, the objective will be to assemble as many diamonds as possible. If you have a high account, do not take unnecessary risk to go for more, but let the enemies come to you . It is there that you will be with your allies on a territory that you have mastered.

Taking advantage of high grass:

– Many of the Brawl Stars cards have tall grasses to hide you. When you’re inside, the enemies will not be able to see you. The only way to be revealed is to shoot, get shot or be close to an enemy. – If your opponents are hidden and you want to dislodge them, there is a method. Go along a wall or there are herbs on the other side and they will appear quickly. In addition, if you are in a quieter phase , you can shoot your 3 cartridges in the grass so you can grid the area and if you touch an enemy, you will see it!

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