injustice 2 cheats and tips

Injustice 2 has just been released in the App Stores by Apple and Google. With the successor of the top hit, the happy hero spanking continues. We have some information on cheats, hacks, tips and tricks in stock. The download weighs about 980 MByte and comes as a free premium and universal app with numerous in-app offers.

Fans of the game know this already and will hardly be disturbed by it. The game principle was of course not changed, why should one also badly improve tried and tested.


The player is therefore faced with the task of building a powerful team to his own taste. In doing so, he can be worthy of maximum damage or a strong defense. It should be noted that one should orient the abilities according to their own preferences.

Robust contemporaries should therefore place on superior damage, strategists rather on defense. The game offers a lot of possibilities, there should be something for every taste. The improvements of the game figures are enormously important.

These can be done with the XP capsules – and they want to be used wisely. At the beginning of the game it makes sense to improve the first four heroes Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and maybe Catwoman.

Then when rare heroes such as Arkham Batman or Blademaster Robin join the team, the improvements should be concentrated on these heroes. Fighting should be trained by the player who is busy with his characters and their abilities. This lasts, but is worthwhile in the long run.


Each character belongs to one of the five classes, which in turn have special characteristics. These also want to learn in peace and then be used in combat. The arena mode is of paramount importance, as it can earn special rewards that are nowhere else in the game.

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The fighting is difficult, but should be done regularly. There are also daily and weekly rewards in the arena. If the player wins arena battles, he gets a currency with which he can buy all kinds of objects.

Missions are also important, as the game figures can be developed quite quickly in the level. There are also valuable rewards here. The better the heroes are, the more challenging are the missions – and the rewards. Experienced players can already guess: If you spend a lot of time with the game and use all the possibilities, you will be successful in the game.

Yes, the game costs a lot of time but brings at least as much fun. Does a reader know more tips? Then these can be shared in the comments under the article. Other players are looking forward to support.

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