Stop Main CoC, Start Playing Clash Royale!


After some time ago released Clash Royale for certain countries, Supercell finally announced the successor CoC games (Clash of Clans) is now available globally as of March 2, 2016 . While there are no major differences from the version of the beta , Clash Royale this final version featuring gameplay that is very exciting. For those of you who are still confused and do not want to turn on the CoC and switch to Clash Royale, team have five reasons why you should play these games.

1. It’s Fun! : The main reason why had to play Clash Royale cheats today is because Clash Royale is very, very exciting! Supercell as developers Clash Royale –and Clash of packing sweet games Clans– this by combining the most important part of the collectibles card gameand MOBA. Because the card-based games, you can use the card to call various types of units you have. And because of the fight in the games took place very quickly, where the strategy was good and right, the situation at the end of the horn can be changed. A little tip, when faced with Giant and Mini Pekka, you should send a skeleton army , and send a stronger units to attack an opponent on the opposite side, since the elixir opposed to being depleted. Because of time in the gym is limited (only three minutes), playing in The first two minutes are very important and determines the flow of battle.

2. Short and Simple : Because the games only takes 3-4 minutes, these games are very precise and perfect for games referred to as mobile . Not just short, these games are also very easily accessible while you’re waiting for Transjakarta bus, in a taxi, or anywhere else. Worry gameplaygames this meticulous ? Relax. When first played, tutorial Clash Royale is very easy and clear to make sure you can play these games without any problems.

3. We Are The Community : As online games ( online games ) others, Clash Royale will be built and thrived on the community of players who are very loyal. Commencing two days released globally, many players that make up the clan . Though to form a  clan you have to reach level 3 and need 1000 coins long enough to come by. Gim will automatically synchronize via the cloud , so it is easier for you to like exchange-exchange devices or moved to other devices.


4. Play With Others : Because the film is to show the real time battle in PvP (player vs. player), you will be forced to recognize a variety of playing styles of other players. You will learn and discover a lot of tricks about how these games work and what kind of proven strategies that can be used.

Features of match making in games is also admirable. You will be paired with another player who has the same stats or skills. So there is no player with a higher level doing the bullying to another player at a low level during combat.

5. Free-to-Play : The final reason to convince you are the games free-to-play (F2P) as Clash Royale can still be fun and can be enjoyed without having to pay though. Yes, we personally do not mind having to perform transactions in-app-purchase (IAP) to try to get a rare unit and get a card that can be used to give a touch upgrade.


But it is like the other CCG games, players are willing to spend more money has a greater chance to rise to the top ranking. But if you like it, in which the fun of playing games? With luck, most likely you will meet with clan kind that will help a variety of things that you need to have a deck of cards that is more resilient.

Apart from the five things Tekno team described above, the main reason you have to play these games is have fun. So, what are you waiting? Hurry download and play these games now keep up with your other friends who are already playing these games.

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