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There is little left to learn news about FIFA 17 . Electronic Arts paves the way ensuring that the next installment of footballing excellence simulator will be a leap forward in many respects.

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The industry giant has unveiled little details about FIFA 17 at its shareholders ‘meeting. Keep in mind that this is one of the brands more pull for the company.

Andrew Wilson , CEO of Electronic Arts , chatted at length with attendees who attended the meeting, not only to take stock of economic performance, but also to talk about the new release of the title based on the world of football, so many awakens passions in our country.

As stated by Wilson himself, FIFA 17 ” will provide a leap forward in both immersion and personalization as competition.” The manager said that this maxim is also reflected in Madden 17 and NHL 17 .

Electronic Arts will present the new features of FIFA 17 next May 28. That’s where we know more about the popular football franchise, which hit stores as usual throughout the month of September.

In FIFA 16 free coins generator we could already see certain aromas of change, manifested in a good title, which departed from the spiral of conformism that is appreciated in recent deliveries. This was our final assessment:

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FIFA 16 meets promised and improve what we saw last year. Total simulation game from EA Sports gives way to fine thread of midfielders and under the attacker. We will not go correcalles other issues, nor sung goalkeepers and defenders. Archers, sometimes, be a hard bone to scoring. Women put a more than positive about the game and the atmosphere remains excellent. As we said PES 2016, it should not be so difficult to make a new commenting system, at least renew it, but at least the assembly of FIFA 16 is correct. The new features included in career mode and FUT expand the range of options, but nevertheless one of the most player game modes, Pro Clubs, follows a left hand of God year. Despite the latter, FIFA 16 shows that EA Sports has seen the wolf ears (with the obvious improvement of PES) and has worked really to launch a simulator solid on all four sides.

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