Complete Guide to play Pokémon Go: Download, Start, Tips and Fun Facts

pokemon go tips and tricks

GO Pokémon fever will last a long time so it is worth taking a look at how much you have to offer this striking game that traps so many people.

Not to start from scratch, we share a guide start today with enough details to start good shape. Download links, important information when running the game for the first time, at least a dozen tricks and a collection of curiosities are part of this manual humble:

Download Pokémon GO for iOS and Android 

The first is to lower the Pokémon GO application for our mobile. Yes, plus it is only available for iOS ( click here ) and Android (click here ), just was officially launched in countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe, including Spain .

With this, if you are not in these countries, the apps stores probably will generate an error, so if you do not intend to wait for the global launch, can opt for a couple of alternatives: iOS, change the country of App Store one of the above; if you use Android, simply download the APK ( click here ) with which you proceed with the installation.

It subtracted run the game, check the privacy policy and proceed with the activation of the account, for example, through one of Google.

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Starting in Pokémon GO: 

What is Pokémon GO: 

It is an augmented reality game based on the original series of Pokémon and created by Nintendo and Niantic Labs. The general idea is to get off the couch and go outside to catch Pokemon using the mobile as the creatures they will appear virtually but from maps the real world. The more you catch Pokémon and explore more, the more points you get and the closer will be the goal of being a Pokémon Master.

For now, missing features such as exchanges, the game is summarized in three basic points:

1. The map: Locations, equipment and poképaradas

Your character or avatar, customizable from the beginning, is a Pokémon trainer who is walking around the world finding pokémon, fighting with other coaches, getting objects and gaining -as well as their level pokémon- with the progress. Your basic equipment is a camera, Pokéballs and pokedex. Worth noting is that the pokémon and their habitats are also related to the real world: for example, if you live near the ocean or other water resources, you will meet many pokémon of water.

So, for starters, you have to go exploring, and for that you have a map that will recreate the streets and roads of the real world and highlight useful information such as the location of pokémon, gyms and poképaradas. The latter, located at important points such as public places and monuments, you give away Pokéballs and other objects to fill your backpack and advance in the game. Not spare the recommendation not trespassing in search of those special points.

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2. Pokémon: Catch them, Pokédex, evolution and eggs

The mobile vibrates every time you encounter a pokémon in your way, time which should, as in the original series, launch a bottom-up Pokéball -deslizando finger on her to try to catch him. The pokémon appear in the foreground and you can choose to augmented reality mode that will activate the camera phone to simulate that is appearing in the real world.

The pokedex will provide advanced information pokémon you have seen and / or have trapped. Initially and recalling the history of the series, only appear those of the Kanto region, and Professor you will award an initial pokémon of three available: Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander – is Pikachu but tricky -. Each pokémon includes important differentiating values ​​as its type (water, fire, rock, etc.), Health Points (PS), Cpts (PC) and movements, which define their performance in battles and its potential evolution.

You will also find eggs after incubation and hatching will become new pokémon, which will be achieved by overcoming challenges of displacement for example, walking at least 5 km-.

3. Equipment and gyms

At some point you will be asked to choose a color or equipment, so you can choose it from your neighbors or friends, or choose a rival team; of course, you may not know in real life to other members. Practicality of this feature are gyms, also relevant actual locations, which will keep the essence of their counterparts in the animated series.

Then, you can leave one of your pokémon gym nearby, empty or that match the color of your computer, so that any user of other equipment that comes close to that gym should fight him-or them, if there are several users who have already left their pokémon defending the gym-. Each gym has a prestige that increases or decreases depending on the performance in the battles there executed, in fact, if it falls to zero, control for the winning team is lost.

You can train your Pokemon in your team and gyms also go and attack other gyms battling Pokemon who are defending the place at that time. The Pokémon battles are carried out, essentially, with landslides on the screen that allow dodge attacks or perform special moves of each pokémon.

Extra: The Pokémon GO Plus and photos.

To hide the weird walking down the street looking for the mobile invisible creatures, there is an official device called Pokémon GO Plus  that hangs on the wrist or clothing. Priced around $ 30, the device will alert through LED lights and vibrations after connecting via Bluetooth to mobile, on specific events including meeting pokémon and poképaradas. Of course, you can catch Pokémon and items from it.

By the way, you can boast of pokémon with whom you are in the real world. To do this, accounts in your inventory of objects with a camera that lets you record both the pokémon as the actual bottom where you found him. It subtracted share the catch.

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More information: is the official Pokémon site GO so there will be contacted to learn more about the specifics of the game, including general guides and news.

Cheats for Pokemon GO: 

1. Start with Pikachu:

You kill not deciding between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, starts playing with Pikachu. To do this, when Professor Willow you give them to choose, ignore them several times walking to the opposite side where you are. They appear and reappear until the yellow mouse one. It subtracted catch him. [ More details ]

2. Turn on battery saving mode: If you want to play a lot Pokémon GO not count on mobile battery because the GPS data, augmented reality camera – what recommended is turned off unless it is to take pictures to share – real – time maps, animations in high quality and the use of sensors the squeeze in a jiffy. Click on the button Settings  in the upper right part and find an option to activate a mode “battery saving” .

3. Use the target to catch pokémon more carefully:  When you are to catch a pokémon Pokéball not throw the left and right but just be the underdog on her finger.A sight or target that will guide you with the shot will appear; release your finger when in the middle and get a better shot.

4. To hatch the eggs without breaking a sweat: Again, the eggs are incubated and hatched pokémon with away goals, for example, move about 5 km, but you can not cheat by going by car or bus as the system detects it and you must get up to walk … or choose curious ways to break the rules: putting the phone on a turntable, hang a fan or the dog, going soft on bicycle, etc.

5. To find the location of a nearby pokémon:

At the bottom right of the map you will find a small radar that with the number of steps will indicate the distance from nearby pokémon (the more steps farther away).You can also use the radar flashing after selecting a pokémon in the list that displays the radar (incidentally, the list shows the pokémon in order of closeness) to know that you are walking in the right direction.

6. Know where other coaches have found certain pokémon: We have shared a couple of websites where pokémon found by users and the various points where they found them shared.

7. View all poképaradas of your city: … or at least the vast majority. The key is that many of the poképaradas – and some gimnasios- match highlights of Ingress, another augmented reality game from the creators of Pokémon GO. With it, you can install Ingress, create your account and take advantage of special locations map (going to ) in Pokémon GO. [ More ]

8. Take all objects in a poképarada at once: 

When you put to turn the “mirror” that is on a poképarada, you can capture all items at once by simply clicking on the “X”  (bottom).

9. Visit poképaradas all you can and catch – all: No matter who already have a backpack full, captures all to increase the level and your pokémon a bit faster.

10. Find more tips in specialized places: YouTube Gaming , Reddit ,  and  Polygon  are three very good places to give more tips, news and other useful content on Pokémon GO.

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