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One of the most important points in Boom Beach hack online is defend properly. It is no use to earn a lot of other coins or get lots of wood, iron or rocks if then comes someone, it destroys the base and takes part of our resources.

How can we defend ourselves properly in boom Beach? Here are a few tips.

  1. We must try to increase the level of the “camera”, the building where the resources obtained from attacks by other players are protected.The higher the level, the higher level of protection of our resources can not be stolen by other players.
  2. Make sure that all defenses are within the range of our headquarters. Doing this will prevent other players bring their troops to somewhere not covered by our defenses.
  3. Never place the rocket launcher near the headquarters and then the barracks were in a blind spot and rocket launchers to defend ourselves will not warriors.
  4. some mines around the headquarters should be placed, more or less leaving a space in between to protect warriors. If we put too close they will come to naught.
  5. The best area to place the flamethrower is right next to the fully glued headquarters: help us defend ourselves warriors.
  6. It is important that we place the houses and other buildings that serve to produce resources since the attacker can get energy and thus destroying them get more bombs to shoot our defensive buildings. Not to paste them much because then it will be worth launching a missile to destroy them and get energy. We can put them ahead properly separated from each other and put some defense right behind.
  7. Where do we place the headquarters? There are many options and all have a weakness. To my configuration I like best is to put the headquarters right in one corner, then all defenses and finally and closer to the beach, resource buildings.

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