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A major concern for Instagram users is how I get more followers in Instagram. You will see in this guide 11 simple tips how to get in Instagram to more subscribers. Without buying any followers and subscribers, this is in our opinion not the right way.With our 11 tips, numerous photos and a little time you should then be able to increase their follower numbers quickly.

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1. Be choosy Do not charge any photo of yourself –

The best way to new subscribers can be obtained from Instagram quality and interesting photos to upload. No one wants their Instagram homescreen have boring, uninteresting and identical photos. The least are interested in any of your lunch or how good you look with your new flip flops. Upload only your best photos. Do not invite all your Top Shots suddenly high – the chances are greater that their photos be seen.

2.Use #hashtags

With matching hashtags, users are looking for a specific topic, to your photos. attention. For example, if you upload a photo of the Eiffel Tower, add a hashtag yet #Paris hashtag #Eiffelturm added. Thus, your photo is also found when someone searches for the hashtag #paris. You can complete even the hashtags #TourEiffel #Seine #iledefrance #frankreich etc. Popular and Trendy Hashtags can also be helpful to get more subscribers what’s  seen here . thus Include your photo a title and a few striking hashtags added.

3. Use many you Hashtags

Even if someone clicks incorrectly on a your numerous hashtags, your photo might please Him and he could then follow you.However, use no more than 30 per hashtags photos, otherwise it will quickly become confusing.

4. Geotagen your photos

People often search for photos from your area, from places where you’ve been or places you want to visit you.Instagram shows after you have posted the place other photos of this place, that is, other users who were at the same place or will receive it automatically organizes your photos to see and possibly follow you then.

5. Follow and comment on other photos

Statigram a website is where you can log in directly with your Instagram account. There you have then a good overview of your Instagram profile. You can see there how evolved the number of your followers. Which of your photos were most viewed and geliked.What time they have received the most feedback, and more. If you use Instagram to promote your company or your brand is in this website must for you.

6. Share your photos on other social networks

This allows eifacher find your photos to your friends and all the future subscribers.Under your profile / settings / Share Settings You can create your account for various Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Tumbler, Flickr etc

7. Make sure that your profile is public

Under your profile / Edit your Profile is at the bottom, a switch “Posts are Private”. This must be set to OFF. You can evern check private instagram profile by clicking the website link too.

8. Explore the most popular photos

Get inspired by other photographers, do not copy already present photo. Keep your own style. Popular photos and photographers can be found here:how to view private profiles on instagram

9. Follow me and I follow back

Write this sentence in your profile description. However, you have to follow the people.

10. Follow Photo Total and use the hashtag #fotototal

Follow Photo Total and other photo Total users, we will follow you too. Use the hashtag #fotototal to see your photos easily found and can be geliked. In the near future we will additionally Instagram photo Total organize photo contests. If you also tag your photo with #Fotototal, you will automatically appear on the home page of photo Total. There are always the last 12 photos displayed with hashtag #Fototototal.

11. they Liken other photos with hashtag #fotototal

Search #fotototal after hashtag. Liken you and comment this picture. Follow the other photo Total users, you will follow you certainly back.

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