hayday tips and tricks

It may seem that people no longer engage in games after Farmville farms but it is not true, I know dozens of people who are hooked to Hay Day and do not hide it . The best of the game is that you can enjoy on any mobile platform and even on Facebook. What more can you ask?

I would like to give you some tricks to succeed in this game. On previous occasions I will taught how to make big money in Hay Day but this time I want to recommend some tricks that will also help in this regard.

Buy and sell tools – Grab the paper and looking construction tools (saws, dynamite, etc.) and buying in bulk. Then sold all of them individually and you’ll get more money. In the last article that you upload place an ad so that people can see all the items when you enter the store, the more you can sell.

Buy missing crops – if you see that there is lack of certain crops can always go to a farm and in the store of the cart, buy what we need, now, if we are at level 7 just open the newspaper and see what there is for sale.

Seize the Hay Day Store – In the store of the road, whenever there is a free space, we can sell whatever we want. In addition, every 20 minutes, we can have free advertising.

Get diamonds – When in certain levels, next to our daily drawer receive a purple ticket. If we click on it and see the video, when finished, will receive 2 diamonds.

Looking boards – boards are required, can be found in treasure chests or even we can get with diamonds but the best way is simple, look for them when we are collecting.

I teach things that sell best
I know some strategy that will allow us to make money quickly, these are the foods that give more money and better sold.

– Manufactures items such as cream, cheese and butter.
– Sells cakes, sugar and syrup forever separate and at the highest possible price.
– Try not to make bacon or eggs, everyone has .
– A little trick to get many diamonds
– There is a way to get many diamonds quickly, follow the steps and you will succeed.

Plant wheat and covers all your land.Collect wheat all together. The game will give us an expensive item every 2 minutes (the time it takes much wheat to grow). In those gifts come interesting things and as you will have a lot of wheat, you should sell for 1 gold coin so you do not stand there stored.

Now, with all this, you just have to put it to the side of the road and sell at the highest price possible. It may seem a lot together but is really useful information. Beware the game or you will become addicted completely . Now, you can also unhook another game like Flappy Bird , a nail another nail removed . Do not forget to connect with other farms, you will get many exclusive gifts. Soon I bring you more tricks.

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boom beach hack site

One of the most important points in Boom Beach hack is defend properly. It is no use to earn a lot of other coins or get lots of wood, iron or rocks if then comes someone, it destroys the base and takes part of our resources.

How can we defend ourselves properly in boom Beach? Here are a few tips.

  1. We must try to increase the level of the “camera”, the building where the resources obtained from attacks by other players are protected.The higher the level, the higher level of protection of our resources can not be stolen by other players.
  2. Make sure that all defenses are within the range of our headquarters. Doing this will prevent other players bring their troops to somewhere not covered by our defenses.
  3. Never place the rocket launcher near the headquarters and then the barracks were in a blind spot and rocket launchers to defend ourselves will not warriors.
  4. some mines around the headquarters should be placed, more or less leaving a space in between to protect warriors. If we put too close they will come to naught.
  5. The best area to place the flamethrower is right next to the fully glued headquarters: help us defend ourselves warriors.
  6. It is important that we place the houses and other buildings that serve to produce resources since the attacker can get energy and thus destroying them get more bombs to shoot our defensive buildings. Not to paste them much because then it will be worth launching a missile to destroy them and get energy. We can put them ahead properly separated from each other and put some defense right behind.
  7. Where do we place the headquarters? There are many options and all have a weakness. To my configuration I like best is to put the headquarters right in one corner, then all defenses and finally and closer to the beach, resource buildings.

All One Piece with arrembaggio, the famous pirate game aired on all TV stations in Italy. Create your own team Pirates, potential, the maximum and make them strong. A when did this every board!

One Piece Treasure Cruise hack Rainbow Gem Infiniti, FP recruit Infiniti, infinite and infinitely recruit RARE endurance,” is the hack, created by nasgaia.org for this game, available on all kinds of iOS and Android devices.With our tricks NOT you have to worry about anything, do not spend it all and you have everything you need. You can get gems., Recruit, stamina, unlock all characters. “One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats” is compatible with any iOS and Android device without root or jailbreak. Download now from the link below, is FREE , EASY and FAST .

one piece treasure cruise hack

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. How do I get the Rainbow Gemstone Infiniti, FP recruit infiniti, RARE infinite and recruit endless endurance in One Piece Treasure Cruise?
  2. get Rainbow Gemstone Infiniti, FP recruit Infiniti, Recruit rare infinite and infinite endurance load this Cheat One Piece Treasure Cruise for Android below and follow the simple installation guide below
  3. I have root on my Android / iOS device?
  4. This is a mod (a modified apk file for the game) It installs and works like the original Google game, no other tribe has for ‘iOS is an .exe, which connects to the pc.
  5. Will I lose my progress?
  6. No, the game will automatically update your current knowledge .; You do not lose any progress and not get unlimited resources.
  7. to recruit the Cheats for Rainbow Gem Infiniti, FP recruit Infiniti, RARE infinite and endless endurance in One Piece Treasure Cruise is safe?
  8. We strive to create the best cheat online, then our tricks are always clean. Thousands of players are using our cheat without problems; most people do not wait for a long time or use money to buy resources in the game, only the few who do not know where to look for those who buy.

Use this One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats Apk Android iOS make things easier for you so you can enjoy the benefits of being next to your friends & competitors.

A piece of treasure offers Cruise Tips :

  • Possibility Rainbow Gemstone infiniti
  • Possibility FP recruit infiniti
  • Opportunity rare recruit infiniti
  • Opportunity to have infinite stamina
  • Possibility to unlock all characters
  • Undetectable (100% guaranteed)

Download the score of the link below, select the correct version for your device (iOS or Android)


Using APK ( using a mobile phone )

  1. Get your score apk file above from our mirrors
  2. Save the file A Piece Treasure Cruise Tips .APK files on SD memory your device’s internal
  3. To uninstall the original game from your device
  4. Install A Piece Treasure Cruise Android Tricks .APK and start to do your device or Adb push and installation.
  5. Reboot your device and enjoy the game.

IOS / Android ( using a computer )

  1. Get your One Piece Treasure Cruise iOS Cheat top of our mirror, choosing the right version (IOS or Android)
  2. After downloading extract contained the .rar archive and run the .exe file
  3. Make sure that you have the game installed on your device safely.
  4. Starts cheats.
  5. Do you want to edit is on iOS / Android simply connect your device via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and press CONNECT DEVICE
  6. Once connected select, and enter the number of resources that you need and press START HACK
  7. Process starts cab wait a few minutes for the update. Finished this disconnect your device
  8. Have fun!

instagram tips and tricks

A major concern for Instagram users is how I get more followers in Instagram. You will see in this guide 11 simple tips how to get in Instagram to more subscribers. Without buying any followers and subscribers, this is in our opinion not the right way.With our 11 tips, numerous photos and a little time you should then be able to increase their follower numbers quickly.

awesome article :  How to get followers on instagram

1. Be choosy Do not charge any photo of yourself –

The best way to new subscribers can be obtained from Instagram quality and interesting photos to upload. No one wants their Instagram homescreen have boring, uninteresting and identical photos. The least are interested in any of your lunch or how good you look with your new flip flops. Upload only your best photos. Do not invite all your Top Shots suddenly high – the chances are greater that their photos be seen.

2.Use #hashtags

With matching hashtags, users are looking for a specific topic, to your photos. attention. For example, if you upload a photo of the Eiffel Tower, add a hashtag yet #Paris hashtag #Eiffelturm added. Thus, your photo is also found when someone searches for the hashtag #paris. You can complete even the hashtags #TourEiffel #Seine #iledefrance #frankreich etc. Popular and Trendy Hashtags can also be helpful to get more subscribers what’s  seen here http://web.stagram.com/hot . thus Include your photo a title and a few striking hashtags added.

3. Use many you Hashtags

Even if someone clicks incorrectly on a your numerous hashtags, your photo might please Him and he could then follow you.However, use no more than 30 per hashtags photos, otherwise it will quickly become confusing.

4. Geotagen your photos

People often search for photos from your area, from places where you’ve been or places you want to visit you.Instagram shows after you have posted the place other photos of this place, that is, other users who were at the same place or will receive it automatically organizes your photos to see and possibly follow you then.

5. Follow and comment on other photos

Statigram a website is where you can log in directly with your Instagram account. There you have then a good overview of your Instagram profile. You can see there how evolved the number of your followers. Which of your photos were most viewed and geliked.What time they have received the most feedback, and more. If you use Instagram to promote your company or your brand is in this website must for you.

6. Share your photos on other social networks

This allows eifacher find your photos to your friends and all the future subscribers.Under your profile / settings / Share Settings You can create your account for various Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Tumbler, Flickr etc

7. Make sure that your profile is public

Under your profile / Edit your Profile is at the bottom, a switch “Posts are Private”. This must be set to OFF.

8. Explore the most popular photos

Get inspired by other photographers, do not copy already present photo. Keep your own style. Popular photos and photographers can be found here:http://web.stagram.com/hot

9. Follow me and I follow back

Write this sentence in your profile description. However, you have to follow the people.

10. Follow Photo Total and use the hashtag #fotototal

Follow Photo Total and other photo Total users, we will follow you too. Use the hashtag #fotototal to see your photos easily found and can be geliked. In the near future we will additionally Instagram photo Total organize photo contests. If you also tag your photo with #Fotototal, you will automatically appear on the home page of photo Total. There are always the last 12 photos displayed with hashtag #Fototototal.

11. they Liken other photos with hashtag #fotototal

Search #fotototal after hashtag. Liken you and comment this picture. Follow the other photo Total users, you will follow you certainly back.


Best iOS apps to create and manage animated GIFs

Fleksy is a perfect app to add from animated clips to text messages via your keyboard settings

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard is an iOS app for free that can be easily installed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that are running iOS 8.0 or higher. An active once the app via Settings> General> Keyboard , it is very easy to start adding from animated clips to text messages offering a wide range of images.

Add an expansion slot or buy a topic customize a custom theme has a cost of 0.99 to 1.99 euros, however, the free version with a variety of functions including support for gestures and configuration up to 40 languages.

Fleksy is available for free download directly from the App Store for iOS .

With the popularity is acquiring Live Photos , there is definitely a need to create GIFs shareable different activities that people perform daily, from to incredible fun things. Giffer Pro is an application that can become a valuable assistant for these purposes.

With this tool is easy to add text or remove any image frames GIF , and you can share your creations on multiple social networks from a menu. Paying an additional 1 euro, you can get the version Pro to create GIFs that are twice as large compared to the standard version of Giffer .

Currently, Giffer can be purchased through the App Store for 3.99 euros .

Best iOS apps to create and manage animated GIFs

Giflay allows us to organize and access all GIFs on our device easily and at any time

For those who can not resist collecting a large collection of different GIFs , Giflay is the ideal place to organize the best way for easy viewing app. Designed to keep all GIFs available to share at any time, Giflay allows us to see and play all GIFs saved on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 or higher. Giflay is not a free application, but its cost is just 0.99 euros .

Best iOS apps to create and manage animated GIFs..

If you are having problems of storage space on your iPhone , the app IceCream could help end this headache, forcing you to choose which photos to delete or which do not require useiCloud . Instead, IceCream calculate how much space will be after releasing all the images released to hang in the IceCream Cloud high resolution also best of all is that the service is free.


Snapchat his fate Chat 2.0

The application sharing photos and videos of favorite teens is getting a makeover.The ephemeral messaging acquires new functions and a new design that allows you to switch quickly between different interactions.

Snapchat has released a major update of improving the whole discussion of the service. This new version, called Chat 2.0 , improves functionality and adds new.

With the patch, it will be possible to make a voice and video even if the caller is not available. In doing so, the platform is positioned as direct competitor to Skype or FaceTime. Settings also offer the ability to enable or disable the video and switch the audio to the video during a conversation. When the received calls, the interface offers to join them, ignore them or look at them.

Snapchat his fate Chat 2.0

The social network wanted to support transitions between the various interactions offered by the application. Thus, during a video chat, it is now possible to send pictures to his interlocutor that will see superimposed on the video stream in high resolution and at the end of the session.

If the caller does not answer a call, the application allows to record a short audio message or video ten seconds it will receive at its next connection in the form of a small animated miniature. Finally, you can now access the contents of his library to send images in a conversation.

Snapchat his fate Chat 2.0 how-to-send-a-note

Launched in 2014, Chat 1.0 will allow users to communicate by text or video. In the latter work, it was necessary that both users are connected at the same time.

Today, communications on the cat therefore become a little more asynchronous.These changes slightly upset the habits of users Snapchat but allow it to be more competitive against its competitors, the main one being Facebook Messenger .

As for other new, Chat 2.0 follows the trend already initiated by Facebook by integrating 200 new stickers that can be sent to contacts in a text chat, voice or video. However, there is currently no trace of Bitmojis, small cartonnesques avatars developed by Bitstrip, a startup acquired by Snapchat for $ 100 million.

Snapchat his fate Chat 2.0 how-to-send-a-sticker2

Finally, when you’ve finished viewing a “story” Snapchat,the next one is automatically loaded. You can move to the next by lateral sliding and leave the AutoPlay by a vertical slide. Snapchat therefore now gives the impression of being a continuous flow of content rather than a collection that you could choose to consult.

Launched in September, the start-up claims over a hundred million users who will find the new version of the app on iOS and Android.



Geometry Dash is a platform game in two dimensions in which players control a square that must reach the end of several levels dodging lots of obstacles along the way. Our protagonist square moves forward always, so our only work will make jump at the right times to avoid the various obstacles. However, usually these jumps have to be measured to the nearest millimeter or will crash and have to repeat the level from the beginning. This free version of Geometry Dash offers only a fraction of the levels of the paid version but are more than enough to get an idea of what awaits us. a challenge where skill and reflexes are essential if we are to be victorious Geometry Dash is a platformer with a very simple mechanics, which nevertheless manages to offer an extremely difficult challenge. And the best thing is to get it done in a fun way, showing us all the time that if we fail is because of us.


Electronic Arts has released a new update for the smartphone and tablet Title SimCity BuildIt. Waiting for you in Tokyo Town Update completely new building and a unique airport.
simcity buildit tokyo town

Late last year, the long-awaited title SimCity BuildIt for iOS and Android devices is now available. As usual with SimCity, the player has to build his own city as mayor and manage well in this title. Since the appearance of the new SimCity offshoot EA brought out any major updates for the game. As of today, however, all players can look forward to the Tokyo Town Update.

Now all players have the opportunity to build for 120,000 Simoleons an international airport. As with the port, the player orders must also do different. For each successfully completed order received this neighborhood objects with which unlocked unique new buildings and can be built. The new building Category listens to the name Tokyo Town.

With the new SimCity BuildIt Tokyo Town Update, a new mailbox for rewards, information was integrated to game updates and gifts. In addition, the players expect with the new update airships and hot air balloons that enrich the sky.

Simcity Buildit Cheats : You Can use this simcity buildit cheats to get free Simoleons, Simcash ans Keys.


After some time ago released Clash Royale for certain countries, Supercell finally announced the successor CoC games (Clash of Clans) is now available globally as of March 2, 2016 . While there are no major differences from the version of the beta , Clash Royale this final version featuring gameplay that is very exciting. For those of you who are still confused and do not want to turn on the CoC and switch to Clash Royale, team Questapp.co have five reasons why you should play these games.

1. It’s Fun! : The main reason why had to play Clash Royale today is because Clash Royale is very, very exciting! Supercell as developers Clash Royale –and Clash of packing sweet games Clans– this by combining the most important part of the collectibles card gameand MOBA. Because the card-based games, you can use the card to call various types of units you have. And because of the fight in the games took place very quickly, where the strategy was good and right, the situation at the end of the horn can be changed. A little tip, when faced with Giant and Mini Pekka, you should send a skeleton army , and send a stronger units to attack an opponent on the opposite side, since the elixir opposed to being depleted. Because of time in the gym is limited (only three minutes), playing in The first two minutes are very important and determines the flow of battle.

2. Short and Simple : Because the games only takes 3-4 minutes, these games are very precise and perfect for games referred to as mobile . Not just short, these games are also very easily accessible while you’re waiting for Transjakarta bus, in a taxi, or anywhere else. Worry gameplaygames this meticulous ? Relax. When first played, tutorial Clash Royale is very easy and clear to make sure you can play these games without any problems.

3. We Are The Community : As online games ( online games ) others, Clash Royale will be built and thrived on the community of players who are very loyal. Commencing two days released globally, many players that make up the clan . Though to form a  clan you have to reach level 3 and need 1000 coins long enough to come by. Gim will automatically synchronize via the cloud , so it is easier for you to like exchange-exchange devices or moved to other devices.


4. Play With Others : Because the film is to show the real time battle in PvP (player vs. player), you will be forced to recognize a variety of playing styles of other players. You will learn and discover a lot of tricks about how these games work and what kind of proven strategies that can be used.

Features of match making in games is also admirable. You will be paired with another player who has the same stats or skills. So there is no player with a higher level doing the bullying to another player at a low level during combat.

5. Free-to-Play : The final reason to convince you are the games free-to-play (F2P) as Clash Royale can still be fun and can be enjoyed without having to pay though. Yes, we personally do not mind having to perform transactions in-app-purchase (IAP) to try to get a rare unit and get a card that can be used to give a touch upgrade.


But it is like the other CCG games, players are willing to spend more money has a greater chance to rise to the top ranking. But if you like it, in which the fun of playing games? With luck, most likely you will meet with clan kind that will help a variety of things that you need to have a deck of cards that is more resilient.

Apart from the five things Tekno team Questapp.co described above, the main reason you have to play these games is have fun. So, what are you waiting? Hurry download and play these games now keep up with your other friends who are already playing these games.

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